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How does Ting'N'Go actually work?

Let's have a look at it.


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Ting is FREE to download for devices with the iOS system. You can download the app in one of two ways: press the download button on this website, or go directly to the App Store. Android versions are currently in the making. We aim to have these released by the end of this year.



You can create a user profile as either the person getting invited, or the person looking for company. Registration is easy, and it will only take you a couple of minutes. Your personal data is strictly confidential and nobody else will have access to it.


Creating invitations

When your profile is ready you can start to look through other profiles and arrange meetings. If you choose profile that gets invited, you will start receiving invitations and it is entirely up to you which invites you accept or and which you decline.

Starting prices

All of our basic functions are free, but if you want to use the app to its full potential, you can purchase one our following add ons. 

For users looking to take another user on a date, the extended version offers a wider selection of dating profiles. You will be able to create public invitations for free, which will appear as notifications for other users.

For users looking to be taken out on dates, the extended version allows you to accept public invitations as well as direct invites. The free version will only allow you to accept invites from users who have invited you directly. 

7 days

2,29 €

You can sign up for just one week for only two euros to set a single or more dates and try out the app before you commit to a monthly account.

1 month

6,99 €

Once you know you love the app, or If you are sure you love it straight away, why not sign up to our monthly account and instantly access a months worth of dates?

12 months

4,59 € / měsíc

For longer term commitments to the world of paid dating, we also offer a yearly account which comes out cheaper than our monthly payments. Why not spend this year dating and meeting new people?